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The Hilltop Securities Inc. Service Desk remotely supports the following:

1. Hilltop Securities Inc. hardware.

- Business related software owned or licensed by Hilltop Securities Inc.
- Troubleshooting and support of the hardware owned or leased by Hilltop Securities Inc.

Non-business software, downloads, etc. Employee-owned hardware

2. Personal computers owned by correspondents or other outside sources

- Software: obtained through Hilltop Securities Inc. such as Talisys, eSignal/MarketQ, AdvisorEXP, and ClientEXP including download and installation of the software

- Hardware: that must be configured for the above, such as a router for eSignal/MarketQ (documentation regarding settings)

Not Supported
- Hardware not directly related to the performance of software in conjunction with Hilltop Securities Inc. (PC, printer, modem, etc.)
- Any other software, downloads, data on a PC, etc.
- Windows (with the exception of possible updates and configuration amendments)

Exceptions: Authorized by the technical support Manager or management of HilltopSecurities.
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